Dr. Dileep Pandurangrao Punde

Punde Hospital Mukhed

Dr Dileep Punde Mukhed,
+91 9422874826
MMC Speaker Code: MMC/MAS/02130/2013

Punde Hospital ,Sheshadri Nagar,
Mukhed Dist. Nanded
Mukhed - 431715
Maharashtra, India

Consultant Physician M.D. (General Medicine)
● Worked as a Medical Officer at Rural Hospital, Mukhed since 1988 to 1997.
● Working in own set-up at “Punde Hospital Mukhed” Since 1997.

MBBS, MD (General Medicine) Post Graduate
Shaskiya Vidyaniketan Aurangabad and GMC Nov 1987,
Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

- Managed 7000(seven thousand) bite cases till today.
- Included in Roaster of Expert for Snakebite Envenoming by WHO 2021.
- Spoke on Snakebite titled "Crusade Against Snake Bite Poisoning" in 18th IST World Congress at Oxford (UK) on 29/09/2015.
- Chairman of Snake bite subcommittee IMA Maharashtra 2021.
- Member of National Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG) committee of India for Snake bite.
- Spoke on Management of snakebite as a faculty in various regional, state, national and international conferences.
- Free camps of mass awareness Education programme for society about snakebite are organized by Punde Hospital, Mukhed regularly in different villages.
- 5,00,000 (5 lac) people have been educated till today.
- Snake bite work is noted, recorded and telecasted by discovery, care Tv. ,E-tv, Marathi and ABP Maza.
- Trained 120 Doctors about Snakebite management at Punde Hospital.
- Snake bite work was appreciated by Prof David Warrell, Oxford(UK) and Dr Gopalkrishna Kone Ex- president of International society of Toxinology, Singapore.
- Participated as a faculty in panel discussion in International Snake bite Conference Kathmandu, August 2019 organized by Nepal Government and WHO.

Papers Published
1. Paper titled “Management of snakebite in rural Maharashtra: A 10 years experience” is published in The National Medical Journal of India, (Volume 18, No.2 March/April – 2005)
2. Paper titled “Profile of Snakebite Envenoming in Rural Maharashtra, India” is published in JAPI.VOL.56, Feb 2008, 88 to 95
3. Management protocol of venomous snakebite in India: a consensus statement J. C. Menon, J. K. Joseph, M. P. Jose, D. Punde, D. B. Mazumdar, H. S. Bawaskar et all Toxin Reviews, DOI:10.1080/15569543.2016.1185735 To link to this article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15569543.2016.1185735 Published online: 24 May 2016.
4. Journal of Pharmacology & Clinical Toxicology: -Profile of Snake Bite Poisoning at Remote Rural Maharashtra: Fourteen Years Clinical Study Himmatrao Saluba Bawaskar1*, Dilip P. Punde2, Pramodini H.Bawaskar1,Gaurav Punde, Parag, H. Bawaskar4, and Shrikant S. Jaiswal5
5. QJM: An International Journal of Medicine,2021,255-257 Russell’s viper bite and the empty sella syndrome- Case report C. Yerawar 1, D. Punde2, A. Pandit1 and P. Deokar3
6. Journal of Endocrinology and Thyroid Research ISSN: 2573-2188 Trident Hand: Achondroplasia Chaitanya Yerawar1*, Dileep Punde2, Aditi Pandit1 and Prerana Deokar3 Mukhed Bhushan(1999) by Municipal Council Mukhed

- Mukhed Bhushan(1999) by Municipal Council Mukhed
- Mahatma Phule Social Award (2002) with the hands of Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra
- Krantijyoti Vidhyaratna award with the hands of President Vidhan Parishad, Maharashtra (2003)
- Red & White Bravery Certificate for Snake Bite Work (2003)
- Rajvaidhya Maroti Patil Dhage award (2004)
- Pramilatai Bhalerao Seva Award (2005) with the hands of Honorable Mr Sharad Pawar, Agricultural Minister of India
- Selected as a Nanded Icon (2012)
- Dr. Shakarraoji Chavan Guru Ratna Award 2014
- Jeevan Gaurav Award in State IMA Conference, GERICON 2016 at Latur
- Tiranga Ratna State Award 2017, Nanded
- Marathwada Bhushan Award at Pune, Septembar 2018
- Dr Rakhmabai Raut Award at Aurangabad, January 2020
- Founder Member of Vaidyakiya Sanstha Mukhed , Indian Red Cross Society, Branch-Mukhed & Suprabhat Mitra Mandal

- Founder Member of Vaidyakiya Sanstha Mukhed , Indian Red Cross Society Branch-Mukhed & Suprabhat Mitra Mandal
- Worked as President of Vaidyakiya Sanstha Mukhed from 1997-2001
- Initiated & actively Participated in about 120 Continue Medical Education Programmes for the doctors’ in this area till today
- Co-chairman of Indian Red Cross Society, Mukhed since 2007
- Organized & Collected 10,000 bags of blood since 2007 through various blood donation camps with co-operation from Vaidyakiya Sanstha ,Suprabhat Mitra Mandal, etc. Mukhed
- Organized various Yoga & Health camps
- Raised funds to help victims of Kargil war, Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami, Kerala flood, disaster, Kolhapur flood disaster, PM Care Covid-19 fund and for farmers who committed suicide.
- Actively Participating in National, Social, Educational and Cultural activities in Mukhed & tertiary
- Worked as a Scout-Guide Mukhayalay Ayukt Nanded
- Orgnizer of Bhimai Vyakhyanmala at Mukhed yearly
- Snakebite Prevention Awareness Programme with message of "Misssion Zero Mortality", Teach One Each One, Save the Saviour is regularly conducted at Punde Hospital, Mukhed
- Advisor to SHE- Snake bite Healing and Education Society of India