• FAPEM: Paediatric Emergency Medicine. (Fellow Paediatric Emergency – Sick Kids Hospital, Canada)
  • Six Sigma: Hospital Management
  • • Professor:Dept of Paediatrics, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, Pin-632004
  • • Professor In-charge:Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Dept of Paediatrics, CMC Vellore
  • • National Treasurer:Pediatric Emergency Medicine Chapter, IAP
  •  Deputy Medical Superintendent:Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
  • • CERT Co-ordinator:CMC Emergency Response Team (CERT), Safety Cell, CMC Vellore
  • National Academic Secretary:Society of Trauma & Paediatric Emergency Medicine, India
  • • DR. V. BALAGOPALA RAJU ENDOWMENT GOLD MEDAL AWARD – 46th Annual national Conference of the I A P
  • • ABCD (Above and beyond call of duty) Award – Christian Medical College, Vellore, TN, 2012
  • • PAEDIATRIC EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: ( PEMS Software)- innovative software for Paediatric Emergency
  • • Established the largest Paediatric Emergency Medicine unit in India
  • • Paediatric Emergency Medicine,
  • • Poisoning,
  • • Bites & Stings


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Dr Debasis Das Adhikari
Professor, Dept of Paediatrics, Christian Medical College