Dr Anita Malhotra Reader in Molecular Ecology and Evolution Bangor University, Wales, UK E-mail: a.malhotra@bangor.ac.uk Phone: + 44 1248 383735 Born and brought up in India, Dr Malhotra moved to the UK in her mid-teens. After getting a BA in Zoology from Oxford University and a PhD in Evolutionary Biology (population evolution and adaptation) at the University of Aberdeen, Dr Malhotra began her specialist research focussing on a revision of the systematics of Asian pitvipers, in which she has established herself as an international expert. This work was based on the integration of multiple methods including field collection, multivariate moprhometrics and DNA phylogenetics, and led to a radical shift in the systematic arrangement of the group at both species and generic level. As a result of the extensive fieldwork underpinning this research, she developed a large network of collaborators in many Asian countries. Collaboration has also been very important in the study of venom evolution in these species. In more recent years, her focus has shifted to using her research skills and background on venomous snakes to addressing the human suffering and death toll that these snakes can bring. Her full CV and list of publications can be found at: https://www.bangor.ac.uk/natural-sciences/staff/anita-malhotra/en

Dr Anita Malhotra
Reader in Molecular Ecology and Evolution