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A Game of Cricket


Victim’s Background: Jayanth Krishnappa is a 14 year old boy studying in the 9th grade. He lives with his parents and elder sister in Malur, in the Kolar district of Karnataka. His father works in a factory and his sister studies in junior college. His mother is a home maker.

Bite incident: Jayanth ‘s favourite game is cricket. He and his friends play the game in a sports field close to his house. On 14th June 2015, around noon, just like any other day, Jayanth along with his friends was playing cricket. His friend hit the ball hard and Jayanth went to retrieve the ball that had got lodged in the bushes. A Russell’s viper that was foraging in the bush got disturbed and bit Jayanth’s right foot just above the toes. It was 12.30pm.

bite wound

Jayanth quickly rushed home and informed his parents about the bite. The local area started to swell in a few minutes and Jayanth started experiencing intense pain. Krishnappa rushed his son to Manipal Hospital in Bengaluru. They reached the hospital 3 hours after the bite incident. A total of 12 vials of ASV were administered to Jayanth. He stayed at the Manipal Hospital for 5 days. The cost of treatment there was Rupees One lakh ten thousand (Rs 1,10,000).


Krishnappa has now shifted his son to the Srinavasa Hospital in Hoskote. Jayanth is receiving treatment from Dr Nagraj, a snakebite expert. Since this is a hemotoxic bite the necrosis is spreading to other parts of Jayanth’s foot. It will be a while before the wound heals.

Written by Priyanka Kadam.

Photo credits: Dr Nagraj, Srinivasa Hospital, Hoskote.