In 2009, WHO (World Health Organization) entered snakebite in the list of “Neglected Tropical Diseases.”  Despite the guidance, snake-bites have not become a potential health priority for India. This is a highly neglected area in basic health care across the country. Snakebite Healing and Education Society aims at understanding and addressing  grass root level victim issues, the available state level health facilities and engaging the various elements including policy makers, AVS manufacturers, bureaucrats, snake bite specialists and medical professionals, rural health care personnel, civil society proponents and legal experts  in bringing attention to this eschewed subject.



Snakebite Healing and Education Society is the first initiative in India which is solely dedicated to address snake bite related issues and bring together people in various capacities on a common platform.

Snakebite is a complex issue at different levels like health care, right to life for every Indian citizen, appropriate training to the rural health care personnel, assistance to bite victims suffering from severe necrosis and tissue damage and requiring corrective surgery.

The Snakebite Healing and Education Society (SHE) will initiate a multi-pronged approach to address the snake-bite problem infesting most states of India.  The immediate objective is to create :

A: Awareness in:

  1. Educational institutions
  2. Village panchayats
  3. Social Welfare departments
  4. Block / taluk level snake awareness programs
  5. NGOs working in the Environmental and health realms to assist SHE in percolating the snakebite treatment and first-aid information to the masses.

B: Improve treatment and save lives by:

  1. Training of local level medical professionals
  2. Training of village level first aid volunteers
  3. Making available AVS village/dispensary level


SHE is presently working with grass root level people in West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka and intends to cover Telangana, Bihar and Odisha in 2019.