Padma Shri (Dr) Omesh Kumar Bharti

Directorate of Health Services, Himachal Pradesh
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Address: Set-9, Block-1, U.S.Club, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh-171001, India   Date of birth: May 10, 1967.   Sex: Male   Nationality: Indian   Marital Status: Married   Blog :

Name of degree College  and University from where graduated Year of graduation
Basic degree:  MBBS Indira Gandhi Medicl College, Shimla ( HPU, Shimla) 1992
Master degreeIn Public Health Master degree in Applied Epidemiology (MAE) National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai(SCTIMST, Trivandrum) 2009
ManagementCourse 1. Hospital management through distant learning  (DHM) National Institute of health and family Welfare, Muniraka, Delhi 2006
OtherCourse  2. South Asia course on Equity and health Rights, Jaipur International people’s health university (IPHU) 2008
Departmental Exam Departmental Exam. On Financial Administration Government of HP 2010
Work Experience:
Year(from .. to ..) Name of organisation Designation Achievement
Since 27 July 2012 Municipal Corporation Shimla Corporation Health Officer Strict vigilance to not to allow any mixing of drinking water with sewage. Check outbreaks and investigate them to contain such outbreaks in future. Adjudication of food adulteration cases and impose fine on defaulters.
2008- 2012 Directorate of health services, Himachal Pradesh Looking after Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) as state Epidemiologist-cum- State Surveillance officer. Drafting a project plan for Mobile Medical Units. This will help accessing Medicare in remote areas
since 2008 Directorate of health services, Himachal Pradesh State programme officer for emergency medical transport and telemedicine and state master trainer on low cost Intradermal anti-rabies vaccination. Designated as officer on special duty (OSD) at directorate of health safety and regulation, government of Himachal Pradesh,India. Looking after 108 Emergency Ambulance Service in state of Himachal as OSD (EMRT).Formulated a conceptual plan and started the process of emergency transport services in the state that helped help us achieve less death and disability due to road accidents and also helped achieve better institutional deliveries.397553 emergencies handled till Feb 28, 2014 since launch on December 25, 2010. 70,627 pregnant women transported to hospitals for delivery and helped in saving 11,904 lives in emergency.Started first low cost intradermal antirabies clinic of North India saving an amount of more than 5 Million rupees of Poor patientsTransformed this experiment into government policy.Looked after Maternal health issues in state of Himachal, including MMR,Matri Sewa Yojna, JSY, Emoc, SBA Training Family Planning etc.Now also looking after Snakebite programme.
2003-2008 State Blood bank, Shimla State Blood transfusion officer, Shimla Helped register a blood bank society for creating resources and independent decision making.Got a society registered for the welfare of unorganized Thalassemia patients of the state for better service deliveries.A poster was designed to spread awareness regarding the Thalassemia.
2000-2003 Regional hospital Shimla (DDU Hospital) Department of pediatrics Helped poor get medicines from the medicine bank that was created with the help of Medical representative’s samples of medicines.
1998-2000 WHO- GOI project NPSP for polio eradication Surveillance medical officer Achieved best indicators in highly endemic zone for polio in eastern UP, India and was the master trainer for the WHO staff there.
1996-1998 Zonal hospital Dharamsala HP Causality medical officer Handled causality patients in emergency OPD
1993-1996 PHC Darini HP Medical OfficerIn charge, rural area Served the rural population and also worked as a district coordinator for National Literacy Mission as volunteer. Also worked as campaign manager for literacy in district Kangra of Himachal.
Job experience:
  1. Working with state health services for the last 20 Years.
  2. Experience in handling emergency and pediatrics OPD/Wards.
  3. Experience in Blood banking.
  4. Experience in formulating and execution of projects, currently engaged in a 100 Crore project for emergency response transport system in Himachal for the coming 5 years.
  5. Remained State in-charge of telemedicine project in Himachal Pradesh.
  6. Served as OSD for new directorate of health safety and regulation looking after legal aspects of the health e.g. drug and food acts and other health related acts.
  7. Looked after the administration of ESI hospitals in Himachal, having more than 1.5 lakh IPs.
  8. Acting as a moderator of an e-group, IFFANET.
  9. Co- founder of a e-group for discussion on Vaccines called Rational Vaccine Policy group,
  I have done my trainings on health related issues like GPS, medico-legal health, IEC, Adolescent health, Immunization, blood banking, role of NGOs in health and environment, HMIS, Telemedicine, hospital management and emergency and disaster management. Attended an international pre conference  workshop on GIS and application of Arc software in Malaysia.  
International Academic Experience: 
  1. I have been one of the reviewers for papers in the international Journal PLOS One and have reviewed more than 8 papers till date.
  1. Selected as an International Conference Judge at South East Asia- Western Pacific bi-regional scientific conference held in November 09 at Seoul, Korea for oral and poster presentations.
  1. Telecasted my presentation on “ Breaking barriers to introduce low cost intra-dermal anti-rabies vaccination” over 2nd annual international webinar, Sep 21-22, 2011organised by The Global Alliance for Rabies Control and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA. It was attended by 662,273 participants from 83 countries as per the details given by the organisers.
  2. Won a World essay Competition, “Emerging Voices”, that was presented in a conference in Antwerp, Belgium.
  3. Participated and presented a paper on my experiences with low cost vaccines at recently held symposium on Health systems research at Montreux, Switzerland, November  2010.
  4. Lectures and tutorials are given to the students of Biotechnology at J.P.University of Science and Technology, Chambaghat, Solan, HP, India.
Scientific Publications:
  • Journals :
  • Bharti, W. Damme, K. Decoster, P. Isaakidis, A. Appelmans, V. Ramachandran and A. Phull, "Breaking the Barriers to Access a Low Cost Intra-Dermal Rabies Vaccine Through Innovative “Pooling Strategy”," World Journal of Vaccines, Vol. 2 No. 3, 2012, pp. 121-124. doi: 10.4236/wjv.2012.23016.
  • Bharti, V. Ramachandran, S. Kumar and A. Phull, "Pup Vaccination Practices in India Leave People to the Risk of Rabies — Lessons from Investigation of Rabies Deaths Due to Scratch/Bite by Pups in Remote Hilly Villages of Himachal Pradesh, India," World Journal of Vaccines, Vol. 4 No. 1, 2014, pp. 7-10. doi: 10.4236/wjv.2014.41002.
  • Omesh Bharti, Amarjeet Singh, D.P.Singh, Vibhore Sood; Effective Municipal Solid Waste Management Practices: A Case Study of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India; Waste Management and Resource Utilization, Oxford Publishing House, Kolkata, 2014,ISBN 81-86862-50-1,pp 173-182.       -To estimate prevalence of drop out among voluntary blood donors and factors associated with the drop out among them in Shimla blood bank, India,  Vox sanguinis,vol.97, supplement 1, November 2009, page 78.   -Shimla blood bank registers sharp declines in Hepatitis-B Seropositivity among blood donors- Analysis of eleven year blood bank data, Shimla, India, Vox sanguinis,vol.97, supplement 1, November 2009, page108.  
  • My letter was published in  BMJ online in response to an article ‘ Rethinking global access to vaccines’ by Dave A Chokshi and Aaron S Kesselheim, Dave A Chokshi and Aaron S Kesselheim, Rethinking global access to vaccines,BMJ 2008; 336: 750-753

·         An Indian perspective on the Rio summit on social determinants of health, International Health Policies, Nov 18, 2011, IPH News 144; the link,

Scientific Books:
  1. Omesh Kumar Bharti,” Blood banking- The need for Donor Retention,” Lambert Academic Publishing Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany, 2012.
  2. Omesh Kumar Bharti,” tb Control in India- Where are the Gaps?,” Lambert Academic Publishing Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany, 2012.
  3. Omesh Kumar Bharti,” Prior Donor Screening- An effective tool to control TTIs in window period,” Lambert Academic Publishing Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany, 2012.
Conference Proceedings: 
  1. Omesh Kumar and  Vidya Ramachandran, “Consumption of contaminated water from a local water source- “ A Bawri” leads to An Outbreak of Hepatitis-A in a scarcely populated hilly village, Sharair near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 2007.” Proceedings of The 5th TEPHINET Global Scientific Confererence, 1-6 November 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pp 30.
  2. Omesh Kumar and Vidya ramachandran, “ Breaking the barriers to establish a low cost Intra-dermal antirabies clinic (IDRV)in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh through Innovative “ Pooling Strategy”- A first in North India.” Proceedings of The 5th TEPHINRT Southeast Asia and Western Pacific Bi-Regional Scientific Conference, 2-6 November, 2009, Seoul, Korea, pp 92.
  3. Omesh Kumar and Vidya ramachandran, “Investigating a death due to rabies and initiation of the containment of the outbreak in a scarcely populated hilly village, Talai near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 2009.” Proceedings of The 5th TEPHINRT Southeast Asia and Western Pacific Bi-Regional Scientific Conference, 2-6 November, 2009, Seoul, Korea, pp 143.
  4. Omesh Kumar and Vidya ramachandran, “Programme evaluation of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme, RNTCP in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh, India.” Proceedings of The 5th TEPHINRT Southeast Asia and Western Pacific Bi-Regional Scientific Conference, 2-6 November, 2009, Seoul, Korea, pp 160.
  5. Kumar, “Can Non-Polio Viruses Be Tamed With a vaccine?” Proceedings of The thirteenth Annual Conference on Vacine Research, 26-28 April, 2010, Bethesda, USA, pp 134.
  6. Omesh Kumar, “Success story of establishing IDRV Clinics- A sharing of experience from Himachal Pradesh, India.” Proceedings of 3rd Rabies in Asia Conference, RIACON 2011, 28-30 November, 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka, pp 72.
  7. Omesh Kumar and Archana Phull, “Controlling rabies through “One Health” approach in Shimla Town, Himachal Pradesh.” Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Dog Population Management, 4-8 Sep 2012, York,, United Kingdom, pp13.
  1. As a co-author, our paper was presented at Global Health Conference as poster at Washington titled “ Gaps in health management and information System w.r.t. immunization Evaluation in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh, a developed state in western Himalayan region of North India, May 26 - 30, 2009, Washington DC, USA.
    Poetry Books:
  1. Omesh Bhati, “ Gaon Ki Ladki”, Himachal Book Centre,2013.
  2. Omesh Bharti, “ My Interaction With Life”, Rachana Publications, 2007.
  3. Omesh Bhati, “ Asmanzas”, Bhawna Prakashan, 2003.
  4. Omesh Bharti, “ Boodha Aur Kabad”, Bhawna Prakashan, 1999.
  Computer and Finance:   Knowledge of computers, statistical analysis and financing.   Organizational Experience: -  State co-coordinator JSA, Himachal (PHM India)  
  1. WHO- NPSP project: Worked as surveillance medical officer in WHO- NPSP project at Varanasi and coordinated 13 districts of Eastern UP comprising a population of more than 20 Million.
  2. Founder vice- chairman of largest NGO in Himachal Gyan Vigyan Samiti (HGVS) working in the field of health, literacy, gender equality and environment.
  3. Elected president of Medical college in 1990-91.
  4. Elected president of Himachal Medical officer association Shimla from 2005-2009.
  5. Life member of National society for prevention of blindness.
  6. Member of Lok Kalyan samiti- Delhi.
  7. Advisor of largest consumer organisation Himachal Upbhogta Sanrakshan Parishad.
  8. Chairman of Fundamental Physics society.
  9. Member of Trekkers’ club and Common Cause organisations.
  • I volunteered as a team member for Gujaratearthquake and camped in Bhuj.
  • Associated with many NGOs, I am  the founder  Vice- Chairman of one of the largest NGO  in Himachal, Himachal Gyan Vigyan Samiti, working in the field of Literacy, Health , Gender Equality  and Environment.
  • Presently I am the state coordinator for Jan Swasthya Abhiyan and also the Ex- President of Himachal Medical Officers’ Association, Shimla chapter and advisor to a consumer organisation Himachal Upbhogta Sanrakshan Parishad.