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  • dilip Dilip Rahurkar, Treasurer, Nisarg Vidnyan Sanstha.

    Nisarg Vidnyan Sanstha has been working with Priyanka Kadam since 2014 and our aim is to find snakebite victims and ensure they get the necessary treatment. We intend to reach out to needy victims in Maharashtra. It is a big task but together we intend to wipe out this issue in India".

  • sr.stella Sr.Stella, Administrator, Medical Sisters of St.Francis Anjali Health Center, Pithora Chhattisgarh.

    Anjali Health Center Pithora, has been working with Ms Priyanka Kadam for the past 2 years. There have been many hurdles we have crossed together while dealing with snake bite victim issues. Best of luck to Snakebite Healing & Education Society and we look forward to our association for all  future snakebite related initiatives.

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